Monday, June 10, 2013

Tools for College Success: Mentors

The transition to college can be a challenging and stressful time of life.  If you find yourself struggling in college or in your career, a mentor may be the perfect prescription.  A mentor can help guide you, answer questions, encourage you, teach you, and promote your confidence to help you accomplish your academic and/or career goals. 
In most cases, a mentor will not come to you.  You will need to seek out a mentor.  Finding a mentor is not a complicated process!  There are a number ways you can connect to a suitable mentor—a few to consider include:
·       Do you have a neighbor or family friend with a job in your major/career field?  Ask them if they would consider serving as your mentor. 

·       Consider visiting a volunteer organization, with a focus in your major and volunteer.  Once you have established a connection at the organization, perhaps you will find an employee or even another volunteer that would be willing to serve as your mentor---just ask!

·       If you have a professor, advisor or counselor, that you admire, ask if s/he would consider serving as your mentor.

·       Mentors do not have to be local.  Do you have a former high school teacher or tutor that you respected and admired?  Consider asking them – you can communicate through email, Skype, etc.
Don’t be afraid to ask! Most folks will be honored to serve as a mentor.  Once you find the perfect mentor and connect, they will empower you, make you accountable, listen to your struggles, provide practical advice, inspire you, and even serve as a future reference.  You are never too young or too old for a mentor -find yours today!!  For additional information about the benefits of a mentor, click here.

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