Monday, July 8, 2013

Guest Post: "My Summer 2013"

We would like to thank ELI student, Betty, for her blog submission.  Betty shares her ELI story along with sensational tips to get organized and be prepared in the online classroom:

I am 46 years old and work full time.  I also have a home, 3 daughters, 3 horses and a new husband.  I wanted to go back to school for over 10 years but life and finances kept getting in the way.  Right before my birthday in May, I checked my little savings account balance and decided the time was now so I signed up for 3 online classes the first day of the summer session.  I have since signed up for 2 more summer classes and am also enrolled for fall 2013. 
My goal is to complete my Associates by spring 2015 and transfer to a four year school.  I have many reasons for getting a degree but first and foremost is for myself.  I also hope to set a good example for my daughters and be eligible for a better position at work.
My family is very supportive of my decision but it has been an adjustment.  Mom is now in the other room doing homework some evenings or reading a textbook.  I have always been a person who keeps a schedule and now it is even more important.  I work ahead in all my classes because I know there will be a time when a sick child, work project or unexpected work travel will happen and I do not want to be late for my school assignments. 
My tip is have a master schedule (my kids call my big binder my life).  I have work, school and family schedules all in one place and that helps keep me straight, on time and my kids where they need to be.  I even have bill due dates written in on this schedule.  It is the old fashioned paper schedule.  I do put things on my outlook for work and my iphone for home, but those are just reminders.  This system may not work for everyone, but find what works for you and stick to it.
I am no different than many adults going back to school.  I know many people have much crazier lives than I do.  I encourage anyone thinking about college to give it a try.  The best time is now; chances are your life isn’t going to get less hectic or complicated.
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