Friday, November 29, 2013

Avoid a Black Friday Meltdown!

What is on your holiday shopping list?  Black Friday can be a great time to find some amazing deals and get shopping out of the way. Likewise, it can be a crazy time that can cause a lot of stress.  Plan well and consider the following strategies to promote a safe and successful day of shopping.   

Ø  Have a plan.  To start your ‘plan of attack’ explore the store flyers and visit Black  Write down the items that you plan to buy and the cost of each to prevent wandering without direction and forgetting what was on sale and where.  Be sure to bring the ads with you! 

Ø  Bring a friend to join in the fun.  If you have a limited budget, ask them to stop you if you are lured into buying something that was not on your list or in your budget. 
Ø  Prepare Some Snacks to Bring Along. If you are on a mission to visit as many stores as possible, avoid lines at restaurants and save money by bringing some healthy snacks and a few water bottles along. 

Ø  Consider visiting small boutiques and gift shops where the crowds might be less. You may find the prices are equivalent and you may also find some unique, fun gifts while also avoiding some of the Black Friday craziness.  

Ø  Price Matching.  If you do not have time to visit multiple stores, bring your flyers to one store.  Many stores offer price matching---show them the flyer and they may be willing to match the price on the exact same item.  

Ø  Unable to get out and shop?  Spend time with your friends and family and consider Cyber Monday and shop from the comfort of your home!  

Ø  If you are a night owl, many stores are beginning to offer their Black Friday late on Thanksgiving Day—this may be the perfect opportunity to get a head start and get some walking in after a big Thanksgiving meal.    

If you plan ahead with the right agenda and resources, Black Friday can be less stressful than you planned.  Or, you can choose to spend quality time with your family, and prepare for Cyber Monday. 

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