Tuesday, November 12, 2013

National Distance Learning Week: Post Your Online Learning Success Story

In honor of National Distance Learning Week, the ELife Blog Staff would like to invite you to share your online learning success story.  Has ELI online learning enabled you to complete your academic and/or career goals?  Have you had an instructor that was particularly motivating and inspiring?  Did you develop new skills to promote your success?  Post your online success story in a comment to this blog.   

For additional ELife events celebrating National Distance Learning Week, to include a ‘Google Hangout’ this Thursday at 7pm, please click here and  explore our ELife Event Calendar. 

Students that post their success story will receive an ELI travel mug!  If you commented with a short statement of your success, please email elisuccess@nvcc.edu and provide your student ID, name and current mailing address – the travel mug will be mailed to you.   

We look forward to reading your success posts! 

To learn more about National Distance Learning Week, please click here.

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