Friday, November 1, 2013

November: National Career Development Month


November is National Career Development Month.  During the month everyone is encouraged to take a moment to reflect upon their career development.   A good starting point is taking time to review the basic steps in the career development process. The following is an overview of the steps:
Step 1: Understanding Self
During this step individuals focus on identifying their interests, personality, skills, and values.
Step 2: Exploring Careers
During this step individuals focus on learning more about careers. 
Step 3: Making Decisions
During this step individuals evaluate their options to develop a personalized plan. 
Step 4: Finding Employment (and Gaining Practical Experience)
During this step individuals focus on getting a job, obtaining an internship, or exploring options for gaining practical experience. 
Learn more about each step by visiting NOVA’s Career Services website <hyperlink to>.
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