Thursday, November 14, 2013

What is the difference between a Guaranteed Admission and Articulation Agreement?

Guaranteed Admissions Agreements mean as a NOVA student, you are offered Guaranteed Admissions to a variety of four-year colleges and universities when you meet the requirements of the written Agreement between NOVA and that college. These Agreements guarantee admission to a college or university; but most do not guarantee admission to a specific program.
NOVA and the VCCS also have special articulation agreements with several four-year colleges and universities. These articulation agreements define the way courses, programs or entire categories of programs transfer to another institution and may include admission guarantees.
In order to be considered for guaranteed admission, a student must:
·       Complete a transfer degree (A.A. or A.S.)

·       Meet the minimum G.P.A. requirement

·       Obtain a “C” or better in all applicable courses for their degree

·       Take a minimum number of credits at NOVA (can be up to 15 credits)

·       Some institutions require specific courses

·       Complete a letter of intent, if needed
You can view the list of GAAs and AAs via NOVA’s transfer webpage. It is important to read the agreements carefully, so you know what specific requirements you will need to meet. NOVA also has developed a great webpage that is all about Guaranteed Admission Agreements! Check out the four-minute video.
The ELife Blog Team would like to thank ELI Counselor/Instructor, Kim Burkle, for her time and effort creating this informational blog.   Want more information on transfer planning? Plan to attend our webinar, facilitated by Kim Burkle, on Transfer Planning.  For dates and information, please click here and scroll down to ‘Transfer Planning’.