Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Word Games that Give Back

Classes end today!!!  During the long break, take time to stimulate your brain as you explore Charitii.com!  Have fun while giving back and challenge you brain as you work on crossword puzzles for charity. 
Charitii’s website advises that by playing a crossword-style word game, you will be donating to various valuable resources. According to the website, when you play, you can choose which charity you want to play for.  Ironically, many of the benefiting charities are environmentally focused which aligns well to the No Impact Man Common reader program that ELI Student Life just completed.  As you explore the website you will learn that you can donate clean water to communities living in extreme poverty, give food to malnourished children and families, provide school education for children around the world, or even help protect our rainforests. By playing Charitii.com you are automatically helping, “one word puzzle at a time”.
Brain games such as crossword puzzles help boost and sharpen your brain, enhance your vocabulary and memorization, and, in this case, while also giving back!   For further benefits of crossword puzzles please click here.

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