Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Tips to Promote a Successful Semester

If you are new to ELI or a seasoned online learner, the ELI Success Coaches would like to provide some tips to promote a successful semester!   

Attend an ELI Online Orientation Webinar: The ELI Orientation webinar is a live, one hour online instruction session that focuses on getting started in your ELI courses, navigating your Blackboard course site, identifying tips for success, and highlighting student support services. During the online webinar, you will have opportunities to ask any questions. To register or request a recording, please click here.  

Review your Syllabus Thoroughly: Visit your Blackboard and review your syllabus on the first day of class.  Record assignments, quizzes and exams in your paper planner or enter them in your online planning system.  Also, be sure to note when you need to post to the class discussion board and how often.  If possible, try to plan not to wait until the last day to take your exams.  

Assignment Due Dates: It is important to complete your first assignment prior to the Census Date.   The Census date is the last day you can submit your first assignment to avoid being dropped from your class without a tuition refund.  This date is listed in your Syllabus and/or Course Assignments Tab.  

Communicate with your Professor: Do not hesitate to communicate with your professor.  Most professors reference their office hours in the Syllabus.  Feel free to contact s/he during office hours or send an email anytime.  Also, most of our online courses have a discussion forum.  If you have a general question, you can post it to the discussion forum.  Do not hesitate to contact your professor if you have any questions regarding assignment due dates or need any clarification.  They are here to help promote your success.   

Email: Be sure to check your NOVA email regularly.  There are many important announcements sent by the College, ELI and your professor(s).  When you are communicating with your professor or any NOVA associate, be sure to use your NOVA email.  

Develop a Study Schedule and Create a Workspace: Time goes by quickly, be sure to develop a daily study schedule along with a quiet, distraction-free environment to optimize concentration and productivity. 

Get Involved: ELI offers many resources and tips through our NovaELIfe social media channels to help you get involved.  For links to our informational blogs, academic resources, Virtual Student Union, Facebook and Twitter, please click here. 

Contact Your Success Coach: If you have questions or concerns about your courses or would benefit from academic resources such as webinars, workshops and free online tutoring, your ELI Success Coach can provide resources to help you out and promote your academic success.  To connect with your Coach, contact or call 703.764.5076.  

Take these steps today and promote your success!

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