Sunday, April 26, 2009

Procrastination Contest: Entry #4

Here's our fourth of the top five entries in the procrastination contest. This one is by ELI student David Christensen.

I have many, many tips to fight procrastination. But I cannot take credit for any of them; let me explain. This semester has been beyond challenging for me. The short of it is that I have had to drop my 5 credit math course because I had gotten so far behind in it (procrastination hard at work).

This semester's challenges have pushed me to take more serious account of my struggles with procrastination and face them head on. So I picked up Niel Fiore's The Now Habit. You must believe me when I say that this book is the answer. (If only I had picked it up before this semester.) It redefines procrastination, explains what pushes us to it and the ways in which we do it. It goes further and provides concrete advice and programs to counteract the detrimental habit.

I cannot stress enough just how eye-opening this book was. Before reading it, I felt like I lacked the proper tools, or perhaps vocabulary, to address this problem alone. I could barely understand what was taking place within me when faced with procrastination; until I read this book and it all fell into place. It was like discovering a truth that had laid just beyond my grasp, giving me hope like never before. I realize I sound overzealous in my description, but for anyone who has struggled like I have with procrastination, this book is a life changer; it warrants the excitement. That said, this book truly is for everyone. Everyone procrastinates something. Also, the book provides advice (not to mention insight) for those who seek to help someone else who struggles with procrastination. I would highly recommend this book to ALL ELI students! (Actually, I'd recommend it be required reading for NVCC's SDV classes.) My tip to fight procrastination: get the book.


  1. >My tip to fight procrastination: get the book<
    And then don't procrastinate about READING IT!

  2. Your positive and inspiring words about the Now Habit have encouraged me to purchase this book. I can not wait til it arrives! Thanks for the tip.