Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Procrastination Contest: Entry #5

Here is the last of the top five entries in our contest for tips on fighting procrastination. I hope you agree that your fellow students have given you some very useful tips and great insights! This last entry is by ELI student Garrett McNamara (who is a blogger himself!). Once you read it, please vote in the poll on the right to select your favorite of the top five. (Don't forget to look again at all five before you vote!) The winner will receive a package of ELI goodies. And now, here's our last tip:

I find it hard to dedicate myself to something that I do not have to physically show up to often. In order to combat this, I place notes about due dates where I see them most, my Google calendar. Since I use this calendar and access it everywhere I go, it is incredibly useful. I keep notes about what week it is in the course's progression and when assignments and tests must be completed. If I need to email a teacher about something, I record it there. All of my courses are mapped out in this calendar. Since I am constantly online building websites, I check this calendar many times an hour. I would suggest keeping an organized system like this somewhere you would actually see it.

As a second tip, I highly recommend forwarding your NOVA email address to the address that you check most often. This way you are instantly notified about all new messages and don’t have to remember to check separate addresses.

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