Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Blackboard Tip: Compatibility View for Internet Explorer 8

What browser do you use to connect to Blackboard? If you’ve tried using Internet Explorer 8 (IE 8), you’ve likely run into a few problems. Some known issues that users experience include:

  • Slower loading of pages
  • Shrinking data fields and buttons
  • Inability to add files to the Digital Dropbox
  • Inability to run Wimba Setup Wizard or enter a Wimba Classroom
  • Error messages prompting for a valid file type when uploading an Assignment

The problem is, Blackboard was designed for older browsers and the newest version of IE is not compatible with BB. If you already use IE 8 for other needs – or are using a public computer where the default browser is Internet Explorer – it can be irritating to have to use a different browser just for online courses. We agree, the incompatibility is inconvenient to Blackboard-dependant students. But don’t let it stymie your course progress. There is an easy solution: Run IE 8 in Compatibility View.

  • Open Internet Explorer
  • Find the Command Bar in the upper right corner of your screen
  • Click on Tools and select “Compatibility View.”

Problem solved!

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