Sunday, September 27, 2009

ELI Success Tip: Using the "Ask Your Professor" forum

In most ELI courses, you will find a discussion forum in your course Blackboard site for asking your professor questions. (For example, if your professor is named Dr. Smith, it's probably called "Ask Dr. Smith.") This forum is an often-overlooked tool for your success. If you are confused about something in the course, post your question there rather than emailing your professor one-on-one. Most likely, other students will have the same question, and they'll be able to benefit from reading the professor's answer. In addition, other students may know the answer to your question and be able to post a response to you before your professor even gets a chance to, getting you the information you need as quickly as possible. And, the more your classmates see the forum being used, the more likely all students in the class are to use it--which means that it's more likely that your classmate's great question, which you have not thought of yet, will be posted for you to see and learn from, helping you avoid making a mistake on an assignment or getting confused later. Everyone wins when you use this forum to ask your questions!

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