Saturday, July 3, 2010

Problems with Bb9 Equation Editor? Try this...

ELI students in Physics, Chemistry and Math courses have reported problems using the Equation Editor in Blackboard 9 to complete their assignments and exams. ELI's Instructional Design team has investigated the situation and here we present the recommended work-around. (click any image to enlarge)

Using the Equation Editor in BB9

First, note the icons and tools in the image of the text box below:
  1. Visual Text Editor is ON
  2. Click triangle to reveal second toolbar
  3. See the Equation Editor icon
  4. See the Preview icon

To write an equation in the text box:
  • Click on the Equation Editor icon – a pop-up window will open.
  • Click and scroll across the gray buttons to select the type of equation you want to create.
  • Create the equation and then click the Submit button:
  • The equation will appear as an empty box (as shown below).
  • Click on the Preview button to see/verify the equation.
  • Close the Preview window and continue with the test or assignment.

Note: If you need to delete an equation, click on the center of the empty box and use the delete key on the keyboard.

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