Tuesday, July 13, 2010

New ELI Courses for Fall

We at ELI continue to expand our course offerings to give you more choices that meet your needs. Here's a list of new and interesting courses that you might consider adding to your FA'10 schedule:
  • ADJ 111: Law Enforcement Organization and Administration I
  • ART 115: Current Issues in Web Design
  • ART 141: Typography I
  • BUS 265: Business Ethics
  • CHD 119: Introduction to Reading Methods
  • CHD 146: Math, Science and Social Studies for Children
  • CHD 164: Working with Infants and Toddlers in Inclusive Settings
  • CSC 110: Introduction to Computing
  • ENG 210: Advanced Composition
  • GIS 205: Geographical Information Systems: 3-Dimensional Analysis
  • HIM 130: Healthcare Information Systems
  • HIM 141: Fundamentals of Health Information Systems I
  • LGL 235: Legal Aspects of Business Organizations
  • SOC 201: Introduction to Sociology I
  • SPA 163: Spanish for Health Professionals I
  • VET 131: Clinical Pathology I (with lab)
  • VET 235: Animal Hospital Management and Client Relations
For details about these courses check the Course Description section at ELI's website. If you have questions about which courses best fit your academic and career plans, contact ELI Counselors (elicounselors@nvcc.edu, 703-323-3347).

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