Monday, June 11, 2012

Registration and Enrollment FAQs (Part I)

It's registration season and that means many of you have questions about enrolling in ELI courses for fall. I checked with ELI's Registration staff for a sample of the most commonly asked questions and answers and will share them here throughout the next couple weeks. Remember: First session fall ELI courses start August 22 and additional sessions start throught the semester. Check ELI's FA'12 Critical Enrollment Dates (pdf) for details.

How do I get on a waitlist for a course that is full?
For some of our more popular courses, which fill early, a waitlist option is available until two working days before the start of the semester. You can choose the waitlist option when you are adding the course on NOVAConnect Web. If a space becomes available, you will be placed in the course. You are responsible for monitoring your class schedule online, to see if you have been enrolled from the waitlist. You will be expected to meet the payment deadline. You may add yourself to waitlists for more than one section of a course, but once you get into a section, you will remain on the waitlist for the other sections. You cannot be enrolled in more than one section of a course. You can see your position on the waitlist by checking your class schedule online. NOTE: If your course is waitlisted, requests for permission to force-add will not be considered during the waitlisting period.

The course I want to take is full. Is it possible to get permission to force-add the course?
For most courses, you may email the instructor for permission. Be sure to include your student ID # (emplid). If the instructor approves, s/he will email permission to ELI registration staff ( We will enroll you and notify you by email. You will need to pay online by 5pm the following day, so that your enrollment will not be cancelled. NOTE: CHM faculty cannot give permission for a force-add, regardless of the circumstances, due to limited space in the required on-campus labs. Other courses may have similar limitations. However, you can still monitor NOVAConnect Web during to add/drop period, and you may be able to find a space if another student drops.

Post a comment with your questions and stay tuned to ELIfe for more registration and enrollment answers!

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