Wednesday, February 2, 2011

ELI Tip #11: Proctored Exam Options

One of the main reasons I chose to take courses online at NOVA was because of the convenience, flexibility and affordability. I want to further my education, but I also have to work full time to take care of my family, and my job often requires me to travel. So online courses were the best solution. I could complete my coursework any time of day, from anywhere as long as I had enough time and self-discipline to do the work. Sign me up! But now the deadline for one of the required proctored exercises for my ELI course is approaching. Where will I find the time in my already hectic schedule to drive to a Testing Center? Plus, what would I do if I was out of town and could not get to a NOVA campus even if I had the time?

Who can't relate to this student? Well, fortunately ELI offers several options for taking proctored exams for  distance learning courses.

Although the Campus Testing Center is still the primary way most students take their proctored exams, as of Spring 2011, ELI now offers an online proctoring option for many courses. ProctorU will let you take exams for some courses online if you have a microphone and webcam for your computer. To see if this option is available for your course, log into Blackboard and under the Syllabus tab, look for EXAMS. If ProctorU is available, you will see instructions on how to use it that look similar to this.

ELI also offers two types of in-person proctoring--Campus Testing Centers and External Proctors. If you have any questions, call the ELI Hotline. Find contact details at ELI's website.

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  1. this would help the small students to look over .. thank you..