Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tips for Success in your Online Class—Week 2

It is the second week of classes, and holidays, snow, and ice have all disrupted a little of the usual routine. Since routine and habit are often essential for staying on pace in an online class, don’t forget to log into Blackboard and check out what needs to be done this week in your courses, so you continue to build a strong habit.

SMARTHINKING tutoring is also now available for the Spring Semester. Try logging into it now, with a question or two from your class, so you can learn how it works and become comfortable with it. Then, if you reach a point where you are stressed and want tutoring to prepare for an exam, you won’t have to learn both your course subject AND how to use the SMARTHINKING interface while you are already stressed out!

One last tip: If you need a proctor for your exams in a few weeks, submit your proctor request forms NOW! It can take between a week to ten days after the form is submitted to NOVA by your chosen proctor to confirm that person’s qualifications and send them the testing material. It is helpful to not be stressed about whether your request will be approved in time for the exam during the time you will need to be concentrating on studying for the exam.

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