Monday, March 14, 2011

Monday Fun Stuff: Happy PI Day!

It is a modern tradition for students of all ages to celebrate the concept of Pi! This magical number which allows us to determine the circumference and area of circles and the volume of spheres is essential in many fields, including but by no means limited to Architecture, Astronomy, Physics, and Engineering. The very concept of a number which continues on forever without repetition or end is both fun and fascinating.

And since the first digits of Pi are 3.1415926..., it makes perfect sense that the ideal time to celebrate Pi is on March 14th, preferably at 1:59 p.m.

Some excellent ways to celebrate include enjoying meals of Pizza and deserts of Pie. If you truly enjoy math, try slicing your lunch into Radians! For background music at your celebration, consider using this music generator, which allows you to compose a song using the digits in Pi. You can also send greeting cards to your friends in celebration of this whimsical holiday. And don't forget the Pi competition--to see who can accurately recite the most digits!

Check out the explOratorium for a brief history of Pi and more ideas on how to properly celebrate this marvelous holiday!

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  1. Happy Pi Day to You, Allison! It's a fun way to remember a little math.