Friday, June 3, 2011

If you are eager to get involved in social activities or just make some new friends, visit The site includes a multitude of activities including motivational seminars, sports, dinners and shows and/or small get-togethers with people who share a common interest.

When you first visit the site, specify the location you are in; if you do a keyword search for an activity that you are interested in, you will see a list of featured groups that engage in these activities. The activities occur at various times throughout the week ranging from weekday evenings to weekends.

If you are feeling especially motivated to lead a group, there are opportunities to start your own meetup as well. Occasionally, certain groups will need Organizers or Assistant Organizers to assist in coordinating events, dates, times, locations and recruit new members. You can also suggest specific activities or locations once you become a member of a group. For example, if you join a walking or hiking group and you want to suggest walking around the monuments in DC, you can post this on the meetup group’s individual website.

If you are required to bring money for an event, this will also be specified where the outing is advertised and can typically range from 0-$50. The site offers many opportunities to socialize and interact with people nationwide. With summertime fast approaching, this would be a great avenue to engage in outdoor social events!

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