Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Must-Have Apps, Part 3: Photography

So you’ve got a great mobile device that features a fun camera. Now, what do you do with it? The built-in camera apps are nice, but you can take your photography skills to the next level with these photo editing and enhancing apps. And they are super fun to use!
Camera+: Camera+ is a great photography app. This app has several features in one application. Some of these features include a customizable exposure and focus, so that you can focus on a certain location without having to match your white balance to the same location in the photo. There is also image stabilization, a photo timer, a focusing grid on the screen, multiple-burst shooting, a photo-flashlight (keeping the flash on continuously), and digital zoom. Furthermore, this app includes amazing editing features and effects as well. This app is supported on the IPhone, IPod Touch, and IPad.
Camera 360 Free: Camera 360 is another great photography app, but for Android devices. This app offers a variety of fun effects and modes to enhance your photos. This app is also free! Available for Android phones.
Vignette: Vignette is another Android photo-editing app. This app adds film and flash effects, to produce cool, artistic photographs. Available for Android phones.
Hipstamatic- A longstanding IPhone favorite, the Hipstamatic app replicates a vintage camera right on your phone. You can choose between different film effects, different flashes, and even different camera bodies. This app is available for the IPhone, IPod Touch, and IPad.

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