Friday, September 9, 2011

Fordson: Faith, Fasting, Football, and the American Dream

September 11th affected all Americans profoundly. After the events of that day, many of us would never again feel as safe or as sheltered from the violence from other areas of the world again. A backlash of this was an increase in distrust between non-Muslim Americans and Arab Americans and those Americans who follow the faith of Islam. Because of this, we would also not feel as safe around our own neighbors again. One thing most Americans have in common is that they either have been themselves or are descendents of those who were immigrants. With each wave of immigration, those who have come to the U.S have had to struggle to maintain the values that were important to them while integrating into the American culture of their time. In my opinion, this struggle, is to a great extent, an important part of being American.

Because of how profoundly September 11th affected American culture, it also dramatically affected the struggle faced by Muslim-Americans trying to become part of their new land. Fordson: Faith, Fasting, Football, And the American Dream tells the story of this struggle as experienced by those who lived in one Detroit community. It is a magnificent opportunity to look at an event in American history from an important perspective. While this story is specific to Dearborn, Michigan following 9/11, there are elements of the experience of the students at Fordson High that are familiar to each of us. The movie will be appearing at AMC®Hoffman Center 22 and AMC® LOEWS RIO Cinemas 18 from September 9th through September 15th. If you see the movie this weekend, please let others who read this blog know what you think!

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