Tuesday, September 20, 2011


This past week ELI went on the road to three campuses for NOVA Days. We (Katie Aimone, Orientation Specialist and Bridget Downey, Student Life Specialist) visited Loudoun, Annandale and Alexandria to meet ELI students on campuses. For those of you we did not have the pleasure of meeting, we wanted to hit on a few FAQs from students that we continued to get over the three days.

Q: I’m having trouble getting comfortable in my course and figuring out the pace?

A:  Have you taken an Orientation Webinar? You can sign up to attend a session live or listen to a recording at your convenience. You may also want to consider reviewing ELI’s Orientation section.

If you have access to Blackboard, make sure to run the “Bb tutorial” and check out the “getting started” section on the Welcome page to make sure your computer is ready for your course.

ELI has four Success Coaches who are available to help you get comfortable in your course. ELI also has several social media outlets to help with announcements, updates and tips for success. Check out ELI on facebook and twitter.

Remember, your Smarthinking (free online tutoring) account should be available by the Friday of the first week of your classes and don’t forget to register for NOVA Alerts

Q: My first test is coming up and I am nervous about going to the testing center?

A: Being prepared for your exam is only half the battle for your first exam. But don’t worry, after the first time, you will have it down. Make sure you are familiar with all the policies and procedures as well as the hours and locations of the Testing Center’s at each campus.

Make sure to have a photo ID (Drivers License will work) and your printed off and filled out exam pass – you will need your student ID number for the exam pass. You can pick up your NOVA Card on any campus, which you can use as your photo ID and will have your student ID number listed. 

Make sure you are familiar with parking on the campus. Leave plenty of time to find parking and get inside to the Testing Center. You will need to pay for parking on campus. 

**Because we were on campuses, we met students who were able to go to campus. If you have questions about obtaining a proctor visit the ELI website under "Announcements" for the Proctor Request Form

Q: I’m just starting my course, how should I contact my instructor if I need to? 

A: You are expected to know and use your VCCS email when communicating with Faculty and Staff. We know this account is secure so we ask that you use this account. Your Instructor's contact information will be on the Quick Start Syllabus as well as in Blackboard. 

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