Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Getting Started in your 8 Week Course

As you are getting started in your online course or courses a lot of questions are probably going through your mind. What will this course be like? Can I do this? Can I complete this course … in just 8 weeks?

ELI’s website has an Orientation section that will help you as you are getting started and also below are some tips to help you stay focused over the next few weeks.

Plan your schedule - During the first week, you will want to look over the syllabus to see all the course requirements. Have your planner with you as you look over the course specific due dates. Make sure to schedule your course work like you would your other responsibilities, set aside the time and use it.

Buy all required text books and course material - If your online course requires text books or course material, buy them early so you don’t fall behind. ELI works with the Alexandria Campus bookstore to make sure you have the correct course material to begin and be successful.

Run browser checks on your computer - Check the course syllabus to see if there are requirements for software, speakers, headphones, microphone that you may need to purchase and/or install. Use this time to make sure your computer is set so you don’t have to worry as deadlines approach.

“Meet” your Instructors & classmates - In some ELI courses, the first assignment is an introduction on the discussion board. Use this opportunity to introduce yourself to the Instructor, but also to your peers. You may make a connection with a classmate that will benefit you as a student. If this is not an assignment, make a point to introduce yourself to your Instructor.

Join the discussion - Sometimes it is difficult and intimidating to jump in and participate in class discussions. Speak up early and establish yourself as an active participant in class. You will start making connections with peers in your class and understand the material.

Get started on assigned work - Avoid procrastination. Get started so you don’t fall behind.

Sign up for the ELI Orientation on Wednesday, October 19 at 7pm. If you can’t attend live, email Katie Aimone, ELI Orientation Specialist for a recording!

Do you have any tips for getting started in an 8 week course? Post a comment and/or connect with ELIfe on  facebook and twitter!

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