Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Techniques for Clearing Your Mind of Stress and Clutter

With all of the busy activities that we engage in every day, it is easy to get burned out very quickly as a result of a clutter-filled mind of thoughts and to do lists. Every now and then, it is important to engage in activities to help release stressful thoughts:

  • Go for a nature walk during a time in the day when you are most refreshed and have no long term responsibilities. Use the time to clear your mind and let your thoughts flow in and out of your head. With each thought that causes you anxiety, learn how to gently release it.

  • Call a friend and talk out the issues that are causing you concern and find some common ground. This will help you gain perspective on things that are causing you distress and get some positive energy from a good friend.

  • Hugging a pet or family member can release calming chemicals in our bodies and relax us from the stress.

  • Record your disappointments and goals in a journal. Getting it out on paper is a useful way to release mental clutter.

  • Do something you are passionate about. Whether it is singing or performing, drawing or sewing, engaging in an activity that you love can keep you focused on one task rather than letting your mind get lost in scattered thinking.

  • Be a risk taker. Try an activity that you have never engaged in such as karaoke or parachuting. It will awaken your heart and mind and promote focus.

  • Exercising releases endorphins to help further calm your mind

  • Find humor in situations that may be causing you to take life too seriously. By learning to laugh at ourselves, we release feel good chemicals that get suppressed when we worry.

  • Create a mood board by cutting out pictures and articles and creating a collage and create a work of art. This is a creative way to release mind-cluttering thoughts while seeing things from an artistic viewpoint that you created.
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