Tuesday, November 1, 2011

What is Advising Week?

Advising week is an opportunity for students to meet with faculty, counselors, or advising specialists to discuss registration for the following semester.  During this session you will explore your options for coursework within your major and discuss your goals.  You and your advisor will both play a part in your success at NOVA:

Advisor Responsibilities:
• Support students through a self-assessment and decision-making process.
• Assist students with exploring their educational and career goals.
• Aid students with choosing a program of study and select appropriate courses based on degree program, interests, values, and skills.
• Assist students with scheduling courses to fulfill general education and degree requirements.

Student Responsibilities:
• Come prepared for the advising session.
• Be an active participant in the advising process.
• Develop SMART goals.
• Be familiar with NOVA’s resources, programs, policies, and procedures.
• Accept responsibility for decisions made in the advising process.

In order to ensure that you get the most out of your advising sessions, preparation is key.  Have a list of long and short term goals ready with respect to what classes interest you and/or what major or career you are interested in pursuing (or if you haven’t chosen one yet, what areas of interest you are thinking about based on your strengths and skills).  Also, having a general idea about what courses you are thinking about will give the person you are working with a working foundation to foster a productive advising session.  Keep in mind it is a two-way street.  If you do your part in preparing, the person who is advising you will be able to better address your needs based on what direction you are contemplating.  Good luck and best wishes for an empowering advising session!

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