Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Have You Heard of ELI's Virtual Student Union?

Have you heard of ELI’s Virtual Student Union (aka VSU)? This is an online site that we’re building to help keep ELI  students connected outside of their Blackboard course sites --to start online clubs, get study help, discuss topics of interest with fellow students, and in general, to hang out! We’re inviting students in select ELI courses to preview the Beta site and give us feedback in upcoming blog posts. Here’s our first site review:
"From the first moment I saw this website, I liked the background colors, which are green and black. These two colors are soft and relaxing. In addition, these are NOVA’s colors. Secondly, the pictures representing each topic are attractive because of their colors and bright laughter. At the same time, they also speak for the topics. In the Club Hub, there are some available groups which are easy to access, and their themes are helpful for the school environment.  I love the songs in Music Lounge; they are appropriate for everyone and restful. The most helpful for ELI students is the Game Center. After a few hours of studying online, students can simply click on the Game Center to play challenge games and have some fun with their friends. Another thing I like about this site is the Event tab. This not only helps students stay up-to-date on recent and upcoming events, but also gives enough information for students to participate.  This site can be a place where students can make friends and help each other out in studying..."
We look forward to more feedback, ideas for site improvements and involvement in this project as we move forward with the next phases. If you are an ELI student interested in previewing the site, contact Bridget Downey, Student Life Specialist, for more information. And look forward to more VSU news coming soon!

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  1. Jessica Carroll-RhoadesNovember 4, 2011 at 7:52 PM

    I really enjoy the site. Like the review in the blog says, the colors complement each other very well. I find it easy to navigate and I love the choice of music in the music lounge. The links are clearly marked. I think is a wonderful idea to have a place for NOVA students to connect online for ELI, that is one of the challenges of taking an ELI course, you never really connect with other students. This site gives that opportunity to set up groups to work on projects and other activities. The game room is a cool idea too, although I would like to see other options in games like the Gems games, or Sudoku.