Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Digital Identity: Status Updates

Have you ever been surprised by a status update in your network? Have you ever drawn a blank when trying to post a status update? Well you are in luck. Today’s Tech Talk is focused on Status Update Tips. Whether you prefer facebook, twitter, or LinkedIn here are some tips and ideas for your professional social network.

Are you going to a conference or presenting what you have been working on? Post about it. Let your network see what you are working on. Or even better, make connections with peers who you may not know, but have similar interests. You can learn from each other.

You can mention some of the profiles you are "following". This will help your peers connect with the people you find beneficial to follow. When I first joined twitter I found a couple of people and companies that I connected with and through their followers, was able to gain a lot of interesting connections.

Do you travel -- for work or pleasure? This is a great way to share your adventures with your network once you return from your trip. Use good judgment and make sure you are staying safe. Don’t let your entire network know you are out of the country.  But share you experiences when you return!

As with everything on your network, show off your personality.

These and many more can be found at iLibrarian.

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