Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Digital Identity

In some ways, your digital identity in the social media world is just as important as a first impression in a face to face conversation. Using social media sites for networking and free professional development is a growing trend. If you are new to social media, start with this Social Media Revolution video by Erik Qualman from "Socialnomics".

Getting started in any social media site, you want to begin with your introduction. Your 160 character twitter bio can easily be your one minute elevator pitch for a potential employer. Your profile picture says a lot about you. Use this opportunity to show off your personality, but keep it professional. When you select your profile name, you want to use something that is easy to identify you as a person. Keep it professional and easy to identify you. Try googling your name and check your name domain to see what is already out there about you.

November is National Career Development Month. To celebrate, ELI is running a theme on Twitter based on enhancing your career growth. We encourage you to create a twitter profile and follow #NCD throughout the month on twitter @novaelife and take advantage of the free professional development twitter has to offer.

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