Monday, November 7, 2011

Your Facebook Personality Type

What’s your Facebook personality type? Check out the ones below and see what people or situations you can best relate to!

The Chronic Liker – You have a habit of clicking “like” in response to every phrase, story or update. “It’s a beautiful day today!” Like. “What are your plans for the weekend?” Like. “ Big presentation this week.” Like. It’s cold outside. “Like.”Generally, these types are associated with nurturing personalities.

The Courtesy Liker – You use like out of obligation to acknowledge some big news that someone shared – “Yes, I got the job! Like. The challenge is, Courtesy Likers are at a high risk of getting responses from other Courtesy Likers.

The Birthday Well-Wisher – This personality only sends you a message on your birthday and is merely copying your real friends and family members who compete to get their birthday wishes in at 12 AM the day of your birthday.

The Lurker – This personality is essentially a voyeur who checks out his/her and other Facebook page, but doesn’t really contribute anything. You only view information from close friends who keep their Facebook page private.

The Oversharer – This person has a compulsive need to share everything from what they had for dinner to what they are wearing to going out for a walk to what they shouldn’t have eaten for lunch.

The Bragger – This person uses Facebook as a tool to brag about everything that is happening in his/her life from that job promotion to their new house to how great that new dress looks! It can have the effect of reminding some of us how mundane our lives are!

The Check-Inner – This person has a habit of “checking in” to Facebook wherever he/she goes, be it an Internet café to a friend’s house or the mall. This person needs to be extra careful that they don’t share too much personal business! For example, if they cancel a committment, they may not want to advertise that they made other social plans like, "at an ice skating rink with some friends from out of town!"

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