Monday, December 12, 2011

National Harbor

What’s that Across the Wilson Bridge?
National Harbor is one of the newest Washington area landmarks, worth visiting. You can get there from Virginia across the Wilson Bridge via the first exit (or the last exit from the Maryland side in Prince George’s County). If you want to challenge yourself, you can walk or ride a bike “under” the Wilson Bridge, entering the pathway where the Beltway crosses South Washington St. (GW Parkway) at the edge of Alexandria City. You can even take a water taxi to the Harbor from the Torpedo Factory in Old Town Alexandria. You will see the elegant Gaylord Hotel and Conference Center, as well as some interesting shops and restaurants. Near the riverfront, you will see the giant statue called “the Awakening”, which was moved from Haines Point in DC to the present site. National Harbor is especially great to visit during the special events like the Christmas Holiday season when you will find ice sculptures, performers, seasonal decorations, and more!

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