Monday, June 25, 2012

Tools for Success: Graphic Organizers Promoting Success in Writing

For many, writing a paper can be a challenging and stressful experience.  From a short one-page essay to a 50 page research paper, the job can be overwhelming as we collect and organize our research and thoughts.  If anxiety overcomes you every time a paper is assigned, there is help!  One method you can use to help get your paper off to a good start is a graphic organizer.

You may recall using graphic organizers or venn diagrams in elementary school.  These methods are not just for children!  Although they were probably required as a part of your elementary curriculum, if used seriously, they are a low tech tool that promotes success throughout your entire academic career.  Graphic organizers enable folks of all ages to brainstorm, arrange and consolidate their thoughts into a structured, well defined paper. 

Graphic organizers are tools that help you organize your writing more logically and effectively.  For those that are visual learners, they will also enable you to better visualize your thoughts and creativity.  They also help with reading comprehension and relating concepts and ideas in any subject. 

There is a plethora of graphic organizers available on the internet.  While most of these organizers are geared towards teachers, don’t feel embarrassed or afraid to use one!  They are all free and will serve to release your writing fears.  One great site for downloading a variety of free styles is Holt Interactive Graphic Organizers.  As you visit the site, review the different styles to see which might work best for your learning style.  Be sure to check out the ‘notes’ section as there are many links to promote ideas and creativity. 

Once you begin to use organizers for your writing, you may also find them helpful for reading comprehension and association when studying.  You may find venn diagrams particularly helpful for relating and applying newly learned information. When visiting the site, look past associations that graphic organizers are for elementary school students—they are an excellent tool for all ages.

Happy writing!

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