Wednesday, June 27, 2012

After Graduation

For students who are graduating this year or in the near future, and facing a fiercely competitive job market, below are some pointers for keeping your goals in focus, while maintaining strong motivation and determination:

• Write down three inspirational memories from school to keep your spirits high.  Tying the memories in with your goals and dreams will keep you motivated during times when it may feel like the chips are down or when you just need a boost to remind you what your long term plans are and how they maximize your talents.

• Write about a moment that made you humble, where you learned a valuable life lesson and grounded you in a way you hadn’t thought possible.  Whether you are in the throes of frustration during a job search or the peak of success, reflecting on these moments will help to keep you centered and appreciate the here and now.

• List three important people who inspired you in some way.  These can be relatives, teachers or mentors; write down how you learned from them, what new discoveries you learned, how they helped you improve your attitude and maintain a positive outlook on life.  This is great practice for watching and learning from future interactions with colleagues and deriving meaning from those experiences.  It’s always a great idea to stay in contact with these people, even if it is just sending an e-mail correspondence now and then.

• Reflect and jot down how you learned from someone’s mistakes.  What was it about that particular incident that will help you in future situations when you have to make a life changing decision or, in getting in touch with your gut in making the right choice when faced with two or more possibilities.

• Reflect on and write about what you are passionate about and select activities and opportunities that mirror this passion.  For example, if you are enthusiastic about helping people, look for community activities and internships that will enable you to make a positive difference in the lives of others as you embark on a job search where you seek to make these talents shine.  The more you express yourself in the ways you are creative and talented, the more this will help you build experience, and attract future growth opportunities by energizing others with your talents.

• As you explore areas where you are most creative and talented, wallow in those opportunities where you energized by what you are doing.  For example, if you are a great problem solver, bask in the success that came with helping a group or individual achieve an optimal solution.  When you relish in these experiences, it will build your reserves during a time when you are feeling drained or discouraged.

• Keep your attitude positive and use positive affirmations like “There is no problem I can’t conquer” to keep yourself motivated and in the process, motivate others.  Always be grateful for the simple things like spending time with friends and family, enjoying your surroundings and being thankful for good health. 
By engaging in activities that maximize your strengths,  keeping your thoughts upbeat, interacting with positive people and finding meaning in your past experiences and role models, it will elevate your energy during the times when you need to stay motivated when your spirits may be low. 

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