Monday, June 18, 2012

The Wonders and Benefits of Color

Did you know that color has the power to improve mood, better your health, and change your perception.  More information about colors and their properties may help you choose what colors you are most comfortable around:
•  Red-   The color red is known to boost creativity, elevate your spirit and increase appetite.  It is also more likely to stimulate spending money, a major reason why casinos are saturated with this color.  Red painted rooms are considered warmer, “heavier” and slow the passage of time.  Red clothing has qualities of energy, leadership and power.  Interestingly enough, when faced with two items, one red and one blue, people are more likely to perceive the red object as heavier.

•  Orange-- Orange is associated with health and peaceful feelings.  It is similar to red in that it can increase appetite, but in the context of an eat and run situation.  Youth, sharp thinking and a warm, friendly feeling are conveyed by the color orange.  It also has the effect of cheerfulness, good communication, excitement and fun.
Meals that have the color orange are often more appealing and appetizing.

• Yellow-  The color yellow conveys happiness, love, light, warmth and intelligence.  It is known to give off positive vibes and energy and is recommended to wear when asking for something that you need.
• Green- Green represents balance, control and harmony.  Green rooms are reported to stimulate learning and is a great choice when you are working on tedious, monotonous tasks.  If you are looking to vamp up team spirit and foster peaceful relations, it is a great color choice.

• Blue- Shades of blue promote relaxation and tranquility and have a light presence.  Blue rooms create a feeling of repose that can lead to restful sleep.  Blue clothing reflects trust, loyalty, stimulates communication and symbolizes a feeling of belonging.

• Violet-  Violet has characteristics of somberness and may be perceived as either positive or negative; it can also give off qualities of creativity, individuality and uniqueness.  It also conveys and insightful disposition. 
As you can see, color has a lot of power and personality.  Knowing what colors you resonate with can help you decide what color to paint your room or house, wear for a specific occasion or simply surround yourself with to improve your sense of well being.  
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