Monday, August 13, 2012

Accessing Your Intuition When it's Decision Time


 As a follow up to a recent article on dealing with decision fatigue, in addition to how we think about decisions and digress from a situation as a method of viewing it more objectively, techniques that involve tapping into your inner intuition to arrive at the best choice can help to fine tune your decision-making process.  Below are some suggestions for tuning into these inner thoughts:

• Select a quiet place where you can practice deep breathing exercises, even if it merely involves closing your eyes and breathing deeply for a few minutes.  It could be a quiet place in a library, a clutter-free room in your house or a favorite outdoor park or flower garden.  By centering yourself in this quiet place and taking deep breaths while closing your eyes, it promotes the flowing of intuition more clearly than when you are in the busy chaos of everyday life.  Be sure to carve out enough time where you won’t be distracted by an immediate deadline.

• Create a basic question that you can answer easily with a “yes” or “no” answer such as “Should I take a trip this weekend?” as opposed to “Will I go on a trip this weekend?”  Notice how the former has a yes or no answer, while the latter gives more room to ponder the decision too much.

• If you are a visual learner, draw a frame around a picture of the outcome that you want; this will also help to release your emotional grip on the situation which may cause you to overthink the situation.  You can also achieve this by finding an empty space on the floor (representing your decision) and stepping on it.

• Get in touch with your inner wisdom by focusing on a picture, either external or in your mind (a pleasant, relaxing scene) or lighting a candle to further connect with your inner intuition.  You could also try playing a favorite song that inspires you or talking with a friend who puts you in calm and positive state of mind.

• When you arrive at that “Aha” moment, you know that you have found the answer by tuning into your inner self.  Knowing the surroundings and the sensory information that helps you to stay centered and focused will help you get further in touch with your inner intuition that is sometimes hard to connect with in the busy pace of everyday life. 

• As a recommendation, jot down all of the sounds and visual cues that put you in that place as well as what times are ideal to practice the above techniques.  If you aren’t totally aware of what cues put you in that relaxed state, take note when a picture or piece of music helps you to feel particularly at peace.  Before you know it, you’ll have a collection to refer to when you are forced to connect more strongly with your inner intuition.

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