Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Helpful Starter Resources for Online Learners

If you are new to online learning or it has been awhile since you have taken an online course or you just need a refresher, check out the following link to various tutorials on Blackboard basics from submitting assignments to creating Discussion Board posts, among others.  In addition, check out our ELI Webinar Schedule which provides various webinars on various topics related to distance learning, ranging from our Orientation to Distance Learning to “Tips for Being Successful in Distance Learning Courses.”  Other webinar topics include: time management, resume writing and job search strategies and library resources. 

The earlier you start building up your repertoire of knowledge and resources, the better prepared you will feel for your online classes.  In addition, by learning about job search strategies and resume writing, it will remind you of your professional goals as you progress through your academics.  All in all, using your resources to your advantage can only have win-win results; you stay on course in achieving your goals while keeping your end destination as it relates to educational and professional pursuits. 

As a reminder, Student Lingo is a great online resource that offers a variety of online presentations (free to students) on success strategies that include: Test Anxiety and Test Taking Strategies, Notetaking, Understanding Plagiarism and Budget Management just to name a few.  They have recently added some new workshops on writing skills that include everything from pre-writing strategies to drafting introductions to the finalizing your papers as you refine your revising skills.

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