Monday, September 10, 2012

Tossing Out “Unnecessary Things” for Summer Cleaning? Think again!”


 As you are going through the old boxes in your attic, and preparing to throw out unused items that have been sitting in a box (or crumpled up in a pile) for the last six months?  Hold that thought.  There are some useful ways to put these items to good use that you may have never guessed before.

• That old game of Twister that you never use?  It can be used as a tablecloth for a party; it is especially great if you are having little kids over and anticipate lots of spontaneous spills.

• Old matchboxes can serve as great gift ideas; by decorating the on the outside, you can use them as sewing kits or place a pair of earrings inside as a stocking stuffer for the winter holidays.

• Old soda cartons can be great organizers.  You can pack drinks, napkins and snacks inside if you are on your way to a tailgating party or outdoor picnic on the lawn, or use it to organize your office supplies.  You could place scissors in one compartment, pens in another and post it notes in another.  This item can be used in many creative ways for organizing!  What’s more, if have very large cartons, they can be used as shoe boxes where you use each compartment for a different pair!

• Old shower caps you don’t use or those you receive as hotel parting gifts can be used to cover your shoes if you are packing them in your suitcase on a trip.  Place your shoes in the shower cap and it will prevent your clothes in the suitcase from getting dirty!

• Too many bowls in your cupboard?  Use them to enhance the volume of your technology device.  If you put your cell phone on speaker, while it is sitting in the bowl, you will get clear and loud acoustic sound!

• Use old napkin holders to organize your bills and bank statements.  Or better yet, use it to categorize your phone numbers.  Put little post it notes or file dividers to separate by professional contacts, personal contacts/friends and family and school contacts.

• Old plastic Easter eggs can serve as great snack containers or organizers for your small homebuilding supplies such as nails and bolts!

• A turkey baster is a handy source for watering your flowers and plants.  Clean out the baster, fill it with water and you won’t have to worry about overwatering since it holds a fixed amount and it’s less likely to make messes than when watering from a pitcher.

• Empty, plastic ketchup bottles are great to use for squeezing pancake batter onto a frying pan or for squeezing waffle batter.  It eliminates the mess that can be caused by dishing out the batter with a ladle or pouring from a bowl.

As you can see, many of these random items may seem useless at first, but you can be creative and find new ways to use them that may make everyday life a little easier!  For more information on this topic, visit this link.

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