Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Tribute of Remembrance

Today, we would like to take time to remember all the men, women and children that were victims of 9-11.  From the Towers, to the Pentagon to Pennsylvania, we pay tribute to each life that was prematurely lost.  Many readers may have had a loved one, friend, neighbor or acquaintance that you would like to pay special tribute to.  If you do, we invite you to post a tribute on our blog response.
I will begin, with a tribute to Angie Houtz.  Angie was a young woman who was committed to giving back.  She had recently started working as a civilian in Naval Intelligence at the Pentagon.  She was so excited about her new position at the Pentagon.  What is most compelling about Angie was her commitment to giving back.  She would regularly volunteer with the Salvation Army Grate Patrol feeding the homeless men and women on the streets of DC.  Not only would she feed them a warm meal or sandwich, she would take the time to get to know them, each one personally.  She genuinely cared about each unique individual and would talk to them, pray with them and value them. Angie was a true blessing to them and they will not forget her!

We also pay tribute to our military, fire fighters, police officers, volunteers and others that served on that day (and every day) to protect our freedoms. 

Please feel free to share your tribute.

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