Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Overcoming Procrastination

If you have been procrastinating this semester, it’s not too late! You can make a pledge to get on track and complete your final assignments by integrating some of these strategies into your daily routine:  

1. Are you avoiding an assignment because it is difficult? Try working with a tutor to enhance your understanding --- ELI students are eligible for free online tutoring in most subjects at Smarthinking. On campus students (and ELI students) can also consider using the NOVA tutoring centers.

2. Many ELI sessions are ending soon -- don’t tell yourself that you will do it later, time is running out and before you know it, the assignment will be due. Create a daily study plan and stick to it -try to schedule your most difficult assignments as well as the ones you tend to put off, during the time of day that you are most alert.

3. Begin to develop a study plan now, for your finals. Quizlet, is an engaging website developed to help students study for quizzes and exams. You can create your own flash cards, exams/quizzes or use flashcards that are available on the website. This is an excellent resource to help study for your finals.

4. After you have stuck to your study plan and completed the assignment(s), motivate yourself with a small reward (Facebook time, a movie, latte, etc.)

5. Be pro-active and review all of your upcoming assignments.  If you have questions or concerns, discuss them with your instructor early so you are not trying to get in touch with them at the last minute.  

The ELI Student Success Coaches are here for you. We can provide resources that will help you achieve your academic and career goals. If you have any questions or would like additional resources to help you overcome procrastination or other academic struggles, please contact us at ELISuccess@nvcc.eduor please call 703.323.5076.

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