Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Tips for Avoiding the Flu this Season

If you have already gotten a flu shot this year, then you are on the right track to staying flu-free.  However, given that there are more than 500 strains of flu out there, it can’t hurt to take some additional precautions such as the ones listed below.  Even if you have not contracted a flu virus, the winter months bring lots of bugs floating around that necessitate the need for following protective measures:
·         Wash your hands often and/ or use hand sanitizer frequently.  Be mindful of things you touch such as door knobs and/or computer keyboards that have been used by other people.  Wipe down key boards and desk surfaces and use a paper towel, if possible to open doors to avoid sharing too many germs.
·         Use a humidifier to improve mucous production that help in warding off flus and other viruses which thrive in dry air conditions.
·         Maintain an exercise program to improve circulation that keeps white blood cells mobile which helps to fight off flu bugs.
·         Get plenty of sleep each night to ward that helps to strengthen your immune system in an effort to keep flu viruses at bay.
·         Be mindful of how often you shake hands with others and how many people you interact with.  If you are feeling under the weather, it is perfectly fine to nod your head and smile to achieve the same effect without the potential for contracting germs.
·         Eat healthy by ingesting foods that are packed with beneficial nutrients like yogurt which has probiotics to fight off bad bacteria.  Citrus fruits that are packed with vitamin C are another great choice and most importantly, your green, leafy vegetables which contain a variety of minerals.
·         Stay home if you are sick to prevent getting other people infected.  If you know you are sick, especially when it comes to the flu, wait until you are out of the woods before returning to work or hanging out around large crowds of people.
·         Incorporate regular relaxation and stress reduction techniques into your routine as another immune boosting strategy; when your body is under less stress, your immune system is stronger.

With these tips in mind, you can keep yourself strong enough for a healthy winter season.  For more information on this topic, follow this link. 

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