Monday, February 4, 2013

What do I want to be when I grow up?


Every student is faced with the heavy task of choosing a major.  Although it is a big decision it doesn’t have to be a stressful one.  In fact, many students spend the first two years of their education taking general education classes to help ease the process and grow through their studies.  Here are some ideas and questions you can think about to get you started in that decision process.

  • Think about the present

What do you enjoy most about your daily routine? Are you more energized in the morning or do you feel your best at night? Do you enjoy talking to others during your morning coffee stop or are you happier reading the morning paper while waiting for your coffee? Are you comfortable driving around while doing errands or would you rather utilize a computer and internet for all your needs?

  •  Keep in mind your interests

In your free time, what do you find yourself doing? Are you outside in your garden or in your kitchen trying your hand at a new recipe? Do you enjoy volunteering or are you at the gym lifting weights and taking yoga classes? Is fixing up your vehicle exciting or do you like reading about the newest fashion trends? Perhaps you frequent the movie theater or visit the dog park often.

  • Consider the future

Do you see yourself living in the same state and town or are you in a new setting with different cultures around you? Are you in the process of raising a family or entertaining friends with drinks and catered appetizers every Friday night? Is the airport a familiar place to you due to your monthly travels or are you content in your local commute? Do you have a graduate degree underway?

These are just a few questions and thoughts to use when considering your path of study and more importantly your career.  Keep in mind this decision is about you.  No one wants to wake up every morning dreading work.  After all the more engaged you are in your major the happier you’ll be in your education and future career. 

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