Monday, March 4, 2013

Adding Moments of Peace to Your Routine

In the busy chaos of holiday activities and as you are making plans that involve new changes for the new year ahead, integrating episodes of peace into your day will help you stay grounded and maintain a positive perspective. Below are some suggestions for peaceful moments into your busy holiday and post-holiday routine:

• While enjoying a favorite TV show or watching a TV movie, put your TV on mute when the commercials come on to savor 30 seconds of peace and quiet and reconnect yourself with a relaxing mood. All of the holiday sale marketing can sometimes disrupt this state and take focus away from an opportunity to embrace joy.

• Take a moment to engage in deep breathing during stressful times. If you are at a party or holiday celebration, take 5 minutes to center yourself whenever you feel the need to re-anchor and recharge.

• Use mouthwash to create a feeling of mindfulness. The very act of using mouthwash – the swishing action combined with the concentration required to not swallow the liquid can not only leave your mouth feeling fresher, but enables you to practice living in the present.

• Having time off from work or school gives you the opportunity to squeeze a cat nap into your day to recharge, refocus and remedy sleep deprivation that can accompany late night holiday events. Pick a quiet place, put on some relaxing music and enjoy a peaceful snooze.

• Retreat to the restroom when you need to recapture a moment of peace. If you are at a holiday party, family gathering or some other social function where you feel the need to escape for 5 minutes, find the nearest restroom to re-center yourself and interrupt the cycle of overwhelm that can sometimes accompany these events.

In general, stay in tune with your inner thoughts and intuition to guide you and direct you in terms of when it is time to recharge and re-center yourself during a hectic holiday pace and the aftermath of embarking on a new year full of new changes and challenges.

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