Friday, March 1, 2013

Tools for Success: Joining a Professional Association/Organization

Make an investment in your future and consider joining a professional association or organization. Membership in a professional association and/or organization related to your major, is a good way to enhance your educational and professional growth.  Not only will membership look impressive on your resume, it will also provide opportunities to grow and develop in your field.  In fact, to encourage student membership, organizations will often offer a reduced membership fee, just for students!

Looking for a way to invest in your future that will further your leadership skills, personal and professional growth?  Do not underestimate the benefits of membership.  As you become involved with a professional association or organization, you will have opportunities to:
·       Enhance your awareness of current trends and best practices in the field

·       Attend annual local and national conferences and network with other professionals

·       Learn about potential employment, internship and volunteer opportunities

·       Participate in professional development and gain skills and professional certifications

·       Gain up-to-date information through newsletters, blogs and monthly publications

·       Receive access to message boards and list-serves

·       Obtain priority and (sometimes) discounted conference registration
Professional organizations are more than just a resume builder.  They are a great way to give back to the community and engage with other professionals in the field that share a common goal. Join today and build your leadership skills by volunteering at events and attending meetings.  Give back, grow and develop in your profession and join the world of professionals. 
To help locate an association or organization in your field, visit this link and begin your search!   (This link does not provide a comprehensive listing; however, it will get help get you started to locating the plethora of associations and organizations that may align with your field and interests.)   

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