Monday, March 18, 2013

The Power of Green Superfoods

With Saint Patrick’s day occurring this month, there is no time like the present to start thinking about adding more green vegetables to your diet.  Below is a list of common green vegetables and their nutrients:
Asparagus – This vegetable is packed with nutrients such as potassium, fiber, thiamin and vitamins A, B6 and C.  It is tastiest when steamed with some lemon juice or can be enjoyed in a creamy soup.
Spinach is considered one of “the most nutritious foods available.”  It contains many nutrients ranging from fiber, calcium, protein and manganese.  It is easy to incorporate spinach into your diet by substituting spinach for lettuce when you enjoy your next salad or steamed with garlic and olive oil.  It makes a great side dish next to a salmon or steak dinner.
Snowpeas are another tasty greenfood that you may be familiar with from dining out at Chinese restaurants.  It is best to pick them out when their texture is shiny and flat.  You can cook them in a stir fry or enjoy them raw in a salad.  You can obtain lots of nutrients from this vegetable including vitamin C, manganese and iron.
Artichokes are another great vegetable that can be mixed in with a salad and give you 10% of the vitamin C that your body needs for the day.  In addition, it contains other valuable nutrients like antioxidants, mineral and artichokes are a good source of fiber.
Bok choy is another favorite at Chinese restaurants that can be combined with other vegetables in a stir fry.  It contains a lot of vitamin C, potassium, vitamin K and calcium. 

Broccoli is a universal green vegetable that can be used in a lot of recipes from stir fries to salads or for snacking using a flavorful salad dressing or dip.  It contains a lot of robust nutrients such as vitamin K, C, E and is a great source of fiber.
The great news is that these green superfoods are packed with essential nutrients and are versatile enough for a variety of meal choices, whether you need a quick salad on the go or if you want to indulge your creative side by putting together a colorful stir fry recipe.  For more information on this topic, visit the following link. 

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