Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Promoting Your Success: ELI Testing Tips

To promote a successful testing experience, the ELI Success Coaches encourage you to follow the tips outlined below:   

Be Prepared – Begin reviewing/studying well in advance.  If you need assistance locating helpful study resources, contact your Success Coach at elisuccess@nvcc.edu or call 703.764.5076. For a sampling of helpful study resources, please click here.

 Campus Testing Center: 

  • Do not wait until the last minute to take your exam(s).  If you are able, we advise that you take your exam early.  Not only will you avoid long lines, you many also avoid a last minute unforeseen emergency that could prohibit you from getting to a testing center.  An exam must begin no later than 90 minutes before the posted testing center closing time. Regardless of the day, be sure to allow plenty of time. 
  • Do not forget to bring your completed Exam Pass  for each exam and a photo ID.  You may print your exam pass from the “Taking Exams and Using Exam Passes” portion of the Syllabus button in your Blackboard course site.
  • Be prepared to stow your personal items, not permitted during your exam, including your cell phone (that must be turned off), in the manner required by the testing center (generally in a locker). Simply placing your phone on “silent” is not enough. You are not permitted access to anything other than your exam while testing, unless expressly stated in the exam instructions.
  •  If your exam is not working properly in Bb (ex. unable to type in a textbox, audio files not working, images missing) or if you feel your exam did not submit properly, please notify testing center staff immediately so they may help you troubleshoot the problem. The testing center staff is well versed in the “tricks” of Blackboard
  • If you are taking multiple exams, you will be required to go through the line for each exam that you are taking.
Some courses offer online testing through ProctorU. Courses offering this option will be listed in Blackboard under the links, “Taking Exams and Using Exam Passes”, “Syllabus” or “Announcements”. 
  • If you choose to use this online proctoring service, schedule to take your exam(s) through ProctorU at least 72 hours prior to testing to avoid a late fee.
  • If it is your first time using ProctorU, sign in 15 minutes early to set up your computer.
  • Be sure to have your photo ID ready.
In addition to being rested and well-prepared, be sure to have a healthy meal or snack before taking your exam(s). The better prepared you are, the more relaxed you will be and the better your testing outcome.

As an ELI (NOVA) student, you are expected to follow the code of conduct for all NOVA students outlined in the NOVA Student Handbook
Good luck on your exams!


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