Thursday, May 30, 2013

School & Life

As the summer semester nears just around corner, we, as students, must now incorporate our daily responsibilities with the addition of the demanding attention that comes with our academics regimes. Outside bettering our future with education today, there is a different variety of individuals who attend college, online or over the internet.  Each of these individuals has their own set of routines, responsibilities, lifestyles, and different reasons for why they choose to continue their studies. Now whatever those other variables may be, the end result we all share when it comes to attending college is to learn new material, pass our courses, and be successful.  Now, that may sound good on paper, but put in practice, you have things under control, until eventually you become overwhelmed and lose focus. Personally, I work extremely early mornings 5 days a week for the receiving department of a company, typically from 3 am to 11 am.  I can’t drive so I rely on my mother, father, friend, girlfriend, or a family friend to pick me for work.  When I get home, after work, I do a number of household chores.  In high-sight, it looks like a really agonizing life, but, day in and day out, I tell myself that that this process is only temporary; it is a phase of my life. I enjoy helping my family and take pride in doing things to help them so that they can relax after having a stressful day.  Seeing them happy, even slightly over something as silly as having the dishes put away, really makes a difference.
Perhaps you’re not in this situation at all. But maybe you can relate to this or see some insight into my story because in the end, it is how you view every little thing in life that will give you a positive prospective. You have the decision to make things stressful, tiring, and boring.  In order to survive, you have to adapt and adjust. Whatever your student/life situation is, think about what’s most important, more important, somewhat important, and important.   You have to have a driving force, something that makes you want to successes and that you visualize – even during the hardest of tasks.  You need to prioritize the responsibilities you have in life.  It is with moderation that you need to also balance socializing, maintain a healthy lifestyle, and other activities.  By doing this, you will be able to maintain a balance between school and life.
Omid Najafpoor, Student Blogger

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