Wednesday, May 29, 2013

SmarterMeasure: Life Factors Section

Many students strongly desire to continue their education. However, often other situations in life prevent them from being able to do so.

The Life Factors section of SmarterMeasure asks questions about other elements in your life that may impact your ability to continue your education. The section measures five items: Time, Place, Reason, Resources, and Skills.

You may be able to modify circumstances which impact some of these life skills. If so, you are encouraged to take appropriate action to help yourself succeed. But some of the circumstances in life may be beyond your control. If this is the case, being aware of these realities and planning accordingly may be beneficial for you.

To obtain log-in information for the SmarterMeasure assessment, email from your VCCS email account. 

* You can find this information and more in the ‘Assessment Summary’ once you complete SmarterMeasure.

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