Monday, December 10, 2012

World Kindness Day

While we may be a few days late on the official “Celebrate World Kindness Day” (November 13th), it is never too late to take time out of your hustle and bustle day to integrate good deeds into your agenda.   World Kindness Day is typically a day where we put our frustrations and personal stress aside to help someone else and lend a hand. 

The tips below list some ways that you can take a pause and help someone else:

• Donate old books that you haven’t read to your local library or a youth organization.  You are contributing to students who do not have money for books and helping them to fine tune their reading skills.

• Give a care package to a homeless person.  Even if you donate some clothes that you no longer want or food, take the time to wrap it in a decorative box or decorate the box yourself.  It may seem like a small gesture, but when you are in dire need of these things, it can go a long way.

• Hold the door for someone, especially when they are carrying a heavy load.  It can be such a relief when you are having “one of those days.” 

• You can reduce someone else’s stress load by returning a shopping cart to its rightful spot.  Think of all of the times when you were in a hurry to park and were stifled by a shopping cart that was in your parking spot.

• Donate extra cans of food to a food drive.  Be mindful of when you are at the grocery store and they are having a buy one, get one free sale on canned foods.  You are making a major difference when you are sharing goods with someone who is worrying about where their next meal is coming from.

• Donate your clothes that you no longer want to a clothing bank.  Before you get ready to discard that shirt that you no longer wear, put it in a pile or a bag to donate to a clothing bank or Good Will.  Someone is always in need of clothing while you are in need of de-cluttering your closet!

• Given that the Post Office was still delivering in some areas that were impacted by the hurricane, it just goes to show how dedicated the post man is to making sure you get your mail on time.  Take some time to say “thank you” when you get a chance.

• Give someone a random compliment.  Telling someone at work that they did a good job or telling someone that you really like their outfit goes a long way.  It will give someone the confidence they need to feel better about themselves.

These simple acts of kindness can go a long way of making yours and someone else’s day better by reminding you of the meaningful and important aspects of life that can sometimes fall by the wayside in our quest to beat the clock!  For more information on this topic, visit this link

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