Friday, July 20, 2012

Do you plan on taking a foreign language course through ELI?

ELI offers an extensive selection of foreign languages you can take online. These quick tips will have you on the right track when you get started with your new language course!

Be realistic. It is perfectly normal to feel uncomfortable as you begin your journey with your new language. With new sounds, vocabulary, pronunciations and verb conjugations to master, it is common and understandable to make mistakes. While some may pick up a new language faster than others, no one is going to learn everything overnight.

Make your study times shorter and more frequent. Be persistent and consistent in your studying. Research shows studying for shorter amounts of time more frequently is more effective than studying for extended periods of time less often.

Focus on vocabulary.  Vocabulary is the most basic part of communication. The more new words you learn the more you will be able to articulate. You can make flashcards on paper index cards or take advantage of electronic flashcards.  Many are available as an app which you can access on a Smart phone making studying when you have free time very convenient. Some electronic flashcard applications even have an audio capability. Quizlet allows users to press the speaker icon for the word on the flashcard to be read aloud. This is great for auditory learners and an amazing study aid for those learning a foreign language. Quizlet currently offers text to audio in 18 languages.

Visit this website to find 101 links to foreign language tools, apps, communities, free textboooks and more!


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